• 10 Reason You Should Switch to Mineral Make-Up

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    10 Reason You Should Switch to Mineral Make-Up
    Interest in mineral make-up is on the rise. As the consumer market shift towards beauty products that are cruelty-free and made from natural ingredients, people are gravitating towards vegan and mineral make-up products. If you are also contemplating getting on the mineral make-up bandwagon, this article is for you. We will give you all the reasons you should definitely jump on this trend and switch your make-up to mineral products. Before moving on to the benefits of mineral make-up, let take a look at its history and the intention behind this innovation. History of Mineral make-up...
  • How To Choose THE Foundation – 5 Tips You Simply Can’t Ignore

    How To Choose THE Foundation – 5 Tips You Simply Can’t Ignore
    Is your neck darker than your face? Are you sick of the tangerine look? Does your foundation feel cakey? Can’t figure out if you have the right shade?   Well, lucky for you because we’ve compiled the five tips you simply can't ignore when looking for the perfect foundation. Foundation is supposed to cover flaws like fine lines, smoothen out the skin, and even out skin tone and complexion. That is ONLY if you choose the right foundation! Follow this step-by-step guide to find the one and say goodbye to foundation disasters, once and for all!...
  • Mineral makeup and natural cosmetics

    Mineral makeup and natural cosmetics
    What is mineral makeup? Is it the best option for me? Today’s women and men are more health conscious than ever before. That may be one reason mineral makeup is gaining in popularity. Or perhaps it is because more people are seeing the benefits of mineral makeup for themselves. They are seeing the results and they want to stay healthy and look amazing. If you want to look like you, only with better skin, mineral makeup is for you. If you want to treat your body and skin with respect and kindness, mineral makeup is for...
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